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Review of Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet

For all you ladies who do not like to carry their wallet and iPhone separately, Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet is the perfect piece for you. A clutch cum iPhone case, this beautiful, stylish and very useful iPhone wristlet by well-known fashion designer Michael Kors is a delight for women who want to hit the dance floor, without holding a purse or mobile in their hand.

Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet is available in several colors like black, red, gold, silver, coffee, etc. and a few designs (the python print design is the most popular). Most suitable for carrying your 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S iPhones, this fashionable wristlet is classy and multifunctional. Michael Kors products imply superior quality, high standard and minute attention to detail, with these beautiful clutches or wristlets being no different. All the Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet are crafted by hand from the highest quality full-grain durable and premium leather.

Michael Kors Iphone Wristlet

When this beautiful clutch is opened, the right hand side opens into a deep cavity that is designed to fit your iPhone while the left hand side of the clutch displays three thin pockets. This designer clutch apart from safely carrying your iPhone also helps you keep your credit/debit cards or any identity cards, in these three thin and functional pockets. The soft gold leather that securely lines your iPhone is designed to not only offer protection to your iPhone but also prevents scratches on your valuable piece. The cut-outs offer a classic yet functional touch to it, which is very handy and durable when you are in go.

You can easily view your iPhone when the clutch is opened. The display of your iPhone is clearly visible. The clutch also has a charge/sync port opening along with offering proximity sensor opening. Easy access to your device is what is guaranteed in this luxurious iPhone case cum designer clutch. However calling or receiving calls/messages can only be done, when you open the clutch. Hence when you are in high spirits, remember to open your clutch before you make or receive your important call.

Well when Michael Kors is the designer, then his signature label is essential. When the clutch is opened ‘Michael Kors’ written on golden metal on the left hand side is displayed. This label not only showcases that it is an authentic Michael Kors creation but also gives a stylish look to the clutch in totality. The label Michael Kors is also engraved on golden metal on the outside of your clutch (just above the secure snap closure). You can easily flaunt this clutch among your friends and boast them of owning a stylish clutch cum iPhone case from a leading designer.

This trendy looking iPhone case/clutch has a detachable wrist strap to it. You can easily use this wrist strap to wound it around your wrist and hold it in your hand or can detach the strap and keep your clutch inside your purse. However if you intend to party hard with your friends without carrying a purse for company, then the wrist strap is useful. This clutch cum iPhone case will not only carry your mobile and minimal essential (credit/card, ID card, some cash, etc.) but also be used for a night out without any worry.


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