Michael Kors Iphone Wristlet

For people wanting to carry their iPhone securely yet stylishly, the Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet is a very good option. Offered in different colors, these small-looking and light weight fashionable wristlets are perfect for carrying and displaying your 3GS, 4 and 4S iPhone models.

Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet though useful for both men and women, are lapped up by young girls who want to flaunt their gadget in designer style clutches. This chic, stylish and pocket sized clutch is typically handcrafted from full-grain, premium Nappa leather while meeting very high quality standards and great attention to detail. This technology meets fashion accessory is typically a clutch, high-quality leather wallet which when opened displays a protective space for your iPhone in the right hand. On the left hand side, this designer clutch offers three thin pockets that are most suitable to keep your slim debit/credit cards, pan cards or identity cards securely.

Michael Kors Iphone Wristlet

The main protective and fitting space for iPhone is designed perfectly. The well-designed space for iPhone not only safeguards the gadget but also allows people to view its screen, when the clutch is opened. The space for iPhone is designed stylishly and the cut-outs are in such a way that apart from your iPhone screen, its earpiece, front camera, buttons and charge/sync port opening are easily visible. Thus the beautiful cut-outs make this accessory more functional to the user. The pocketbook style design apart from looking stylish adds more protection for extra support and durability.

The inner side of the leather clutch has a soft metallic gold leather cavity lining. This has been specially designed to protect your gadget from scratches. One of the highlights of this leather clutch is the sparkling golden metallic plate containing the label ‘Michael Kors’ engraved in bold. This accentuates the design and style of the wristlet. In addition to this metallic touch, a small shiny trinket with ‘MK’ that hangs near the wrist strap enhances its look when viewed in totality.

The optional wrist strap allows the user to securely carry the wrist clutch on their wrist, without the need to carry the gadget in their hands. The wrist strap is very functional particularly if you are having a night party or want to spend your day/night in a carefree manner where you need to carry your minimal necessities. However if you do not need the wrist strip, you can very well detach it and keep the clutch in your handbag or pursue. Thus the clutch is very useful with or without the wrist strap.

However remember that it is a clutch and hence the device is safe inside it from the scratches or from the regular wear and tear. You only need to remove your iPhone from the clutch to make or receive a call or message. For people in hurry or who are inebriated, unclutching their clutch is necessary before making or receiving a call. Easy device accessibility, safety through secure snap closure and its beautiful patterns makes Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet quite handy and chic.


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